How has Zero Pain Clinic helped you?

He sufrido de dolor de cadera aproximadamente 8 años hasta que ya no soportaba mas el dolor.  Decidí consultar un doctor, pero una cirugía no era lo que estaba buscando.  Gracias a mi hermana, intente la quiropraxia con la Dra. Dorit y descubrí que mi cadera estaba mal alineada.  Después de varias terapias, la alineación de mi cadera está mucho mejor y el dolor se me quito y ya no tengo que tomar pastillas.

Yolanda Zelaya – 06/18/2014

I went to the doctor after a car accident but  didn’t have major pain.  After 1 or 2 years, my shoulder began hurting every time I would carry anything.  I looked for chiropractors near my house and decided on coming to Dr. Dorit’s clinic.  I saw fast improvement on my shoulder after a few weeks of visiting her and following the home exercises she recommende.  I still get some therapy once a month.  It makes me feel good.  I like that I sleep better!

Ivy Schafer – 05/07/2014

I’ve been going to the gym for years now and never had any problems, but started suffering from a lower back pain .  Medicine didn’t make a big difference, so I decided to visit Dr. Dorit after a friend that went with her recommended me Zero Pain Clinic.  I received therapy and also learned about correct posture and its importance.  I would recommend her to anyone not just people that are hurt.  If I knew how important posture is, I would have received chiropractic care before the pain became unbearable.

Jarred Cartledge – 05/07/1014

I stumbled upon Zero Pain Clinic’s website while browsing for weight-loss programs.  I knew Dr. Dorit from therapy I had received a few years back, so I decided to pay her a visit learn more about the weight-loss program mentioned in her website.  She helped me change my diet to a healthier one and developed an exercise routine that she adapted to me.  The change in my diet also helped improve my digestive system and my wellness in general.

Barbara Jennings – 02/03/2014

Me imaginaba que un doctor quiropráctico solo era para las personas que se lesionaban en el trabajo o en accidentes de auto y por eso no busque ayuda para mi dolor de espalda.  Trabajo en la construcción y algunas veces tengo que levantar material muy pesado.  Quise intentar terapia con la Doctora Dorit cuando me la recomendó un compañero de trabajo.  Aparte del tratamiento que recibí, también aprendí a levantar las cosas pesadas correctamente para ya no lastimar mas mi espalda.  Ahora que regrese a mi trabajo descubrí que ya casi no siento dolor y levanto las cosas con más facilidad.

Jacinto Acevedo – 11/22/2013

The reason why I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Dorit was because my neck was hurting so much that I couldn’t go on doing my regular activities.  We discovered that the muscles around my neck were swollen and I had a few bulging discs.  The problems in my spine were also giving me frequent and painful headaches, and that’s why I decided to get chiropractic care.  Just a few visits in, and I started feeling the difference.  Aside from the treatment I was receiving, I  also gained knowledge about the spinal cord and the importance of the posture for reducing pain.

Chantell Hanford – 9/16/2013

“My family advised me to get chiropractic care after my car accident.  The doctor at Zero Pain Clinic adjusted my spine and reduced my pain.  I used to go frequently to get adjusted, but now I go less frequently just to keep my correct spine alignment and return to my full activities.” 

Norma Catrel – 05/01/2013

“I was doing gardening in my house for spring flowers when I felt left knee pain.  My sister recommended me to go to Dr. Dorit to evaluate my knee.  I have some arthritis that after 3 weeks of care I did not have any pain.  She taught me the correct way of repeatedly kneeling and standing to prevent future complications.” 

Teresa Castro – 04/09/2013

“I had a motor vehicle accident 2 months ago and fractured my left shoulder.  I went to surgery and have been referred to Dr. Dorit to restore the function of my left arm.  I am doing excellent.  I have restored most of my activities, and I am transitioning to do my exercises alone in the gym.” 

Aaron Schultz – 03/25/2013

 “I have been working in the post office for the last 23 years.  I injured my lower back by lifting a heavy box in 2011.  The orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. Dorit to rehabilitate my lower back.  I have returned back to work.  I follow up with home exercises indicated by Dr. Dorit.  I would recommend Dr. Dorit to my friends and family.”

Christian Barker – 02/13/2013

I am an athletic woman having run and completed several marathons. I was suffering pain in the upper back area and my personal physician gave me the option of seeing a physician specializing in pain therapy or a chiropractor. I did not want to be on a long term drug therapy regimen, so I chose to see the chiropractor he recommended, Dr. Dorit Sar-Shalom. During my first consultation and visit with Dr. Dorit she performed a chiropractic neck adjustment. My pain was immediately gone has not returned. After obtaining X-Rays of my back Dr. Dorit performed a thorough examination and recommended a treatment course to enable me to maintain my health at a high level and continue to run. I continue to see Dr. Dorit periodically for therapy and chiropractic back adjustments.

 Dr. Dorit is a very caring, knowledgeable chiropractor and I highly recommend her.

Juliet Wittwer- 2/04/2013

I am a polio survivor and as a result I have a deformed spine and arthritis of the spine. When I first saw Dr. Dorit I had a very limited range of motion in the head/neck area. As a result of her therapies I now have a nearly normal range of motion. Dr. Dorit recommended exercises for me to do at home and in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments in her office have impacted my arthritic lower back. I have little or no pain.

I know my case was far more difficult than most and I am very thankful to Dr. Dorit for all of her work and the positive results for my physical outlook. I highly recommend Dr. Dorit. 

John Wittwer- 2/04/2013

“I started having numbness in my right hand a month ago when I wake up in the morning.  Then I realized that I have weakness in my right hand while opening a jar and things would fall out of my hand.  My family doctor gave me antiflammatory and muscle relaxers but the numbness in my hand persisted.  Since I started chiropractic care with Dr. Dorit, my degree of neck pain has come down and my  right hand suffer from lack of sensation.  I’m starting to perform exercises with Dr. Dorit specifically to restore my strength in my right arm and hand.” 

Gloria Tabares – 01/25/2013

 “I had been suffering from migraine headaches most of my life.  Medication will sometimes help, but I have to take it often and also suffer from stomach pain because of this.  My mother recommended me to try with Dr. Dorit chiropractic for my headaches.  I don’t have any headaches now.  In two weeks my pain was gone, and I do go for an adjustment once a month to maintain my neck alignment to prevent further headaches.”

Arely Rodriguez - 01/17/2013

“After trying to lift a heavy box, I went into severe back pain and had trouble standing straight.  I tried to take painkillers but did not work, and I did not want to go to a doctor’s office for more prescribed medicine.  A friend recommended me to Zero Pain Clinic, so I decided to give it a try.  After a few regular visits, Dr. Dorit had helped my pain by fixing my spine without using medication.  She also taught me how to use the right posture to lift heavy objects and now the pain is almost gone.” 

Victor Stein - 01/14/2013

I have had foot and ankle pain since a car accident that I had a year ago. I am 81 years old and I have seen specialist that want to do surgery on my foot. I came to visit Dr. Dorit as a suggestion of my daughter. I have seen Dr. Dorit for two weeks and I have no pain in my lower back and occasional stiffness in my foot. I have so much to thank her for the care she has given me.

Elizabeth, Garza 11/22/2010

I have had a work injury in 2008. Since my pain has worsened I have come to Dr. Dorit for Acupuncture and my pain is significantly better. My goal is not to drink any medication.

Mariana, Guerrero -11/19/2010

La razón por la cual vine a esta clínica fue debido a un dolor intenso en el brazo y en el hombro. La Chiropraxia y la physioterapia me han ayudado muchísimo, especialmente porque sufro de este dolor por muchos años. Yo le recomiendo a cualquier persona con este tipo de problema físico que vengas donde la Dra. Dorit.

Anabelle Batista-4/28/2009

I was in severe pain after I bent over to pick up something from the sofa. I couldn't move at all for a couple of days. After I was still in a lot of pain for a week and the pain hadn't go away I decided to seek medical advice. I did not want to go to a doctor to get medicine I wanted to resolve my problem without medication. I decided to go to a Chiropractor and I am glad I did. I learned that I was in a worse shape than I though. I was losing control of my activities. Now I feel a lot better and I have much more energy and patience.

Tomacita Guerrero-4/28/2009

The information about Chiropractic care has given me knowledge about the importance or our spinal cord and the nervous system; the need keep it alingend and healthy to improve our health. I know now that this part of the body controls and affects my movements and overall wellness. Although my care is for my feet from removal of bunions, chiropractic care is helping me to gain desirable functions of my back to restore the way a walk and other activities of my life.

Delores Salter, 9/16/2008

The reason I sleeked Chiropractic Care was pain that I had in my neck and lower back. Coming to Dr. Dorit helped me resolving my back pain and thought my body better. Today I know that to get adjusted is the solution to my pain and not talking pills.

Maria Quiroz- 2/21/2008

I initially I sought Chiropractic treatment due to a change in frequency and intensity of my migraines. An MRI of the neck indicated I have 2 protruding disc, in addition I had tightness in my shoulders. Since I have started treatment I have experience a significant reduction in the tension in my shoulders and the frequency of the migraines.

Joyce Bowers-2/26/2008

Hasta hoy mi experiencia ha sido muy buena con la Dra. Dorit. He aprendido la importancia de conocer y mantener mi cuerpo alineado. Esto ha ayudado a mí y a mi familia a ser consciente de los movimientos que hacemos días a día y como corregirlo para prevenir problemas con la columna. Me siento muchísimo mejor con el dolor y con mi cuerpo.

Gracias por la dedicación y su tiempo.

Maria Salazar 2/26/2008

My reason for seeking Chiropractic care was because of pain in my neck and back. I was injures in a car accident. Chiropractic care made my pan go away without putting me on medication. I am now able to sleep better and move around. I strongly advise friends, family and co-workers to consider taking steps towards chiropractic car to improve their health

Benton, Latonya 10/24/2007

My initial reason for seeking treatment was to alleviate pain after a car accident. During my initial visit Dr. Dorit brought mayor health concerns to my attention. I know that as a child I had a very poor posture, but I did not know the degree of severity. I thought it was too late to get treatment at 40 year. I

Was relived and excited to find out there is an alternative treatment to alleviate the degree of my condition. This is the greatest gift I could have received.

Marie S. Watts -8/7/2007

When I came to Zero pain Clinic I was unable to get up out of a chair without leaning way back and using my body weight to propel me out of the chair. Now about three weeks later I am able to rise from a chair without so much work and get up. I am looking forward being pain free.

Yvonne King-1/15/2008

I was involved in a car accident and my family recommended to be examined and have x-rays by Dr. Dorit. I feel that I am learning a lot about my body and its structure. I understand why I am doing the exercises and how do they benefit me. Now I know I am doing the right thing for myself and I like the focus about "prevention".

William, Acosta- 8/21/2007

I have had shoulder and neck pain for years. I found out that I have no curve in my neck and my arm had no strength. It was hard for me to raise my hand above my head. I had headaches everyday and I dank Tylenol almost every day. With Adjustments my headaches are basically gone. The treatments I received at Zero pain Clinics has taken me out of pain and given me a better quality of life.

Sloan, Cheryl-1/15/2008

I have sought Chiropractic care in an effort for wellness and repair with aging to my right knee. Chiropractic care has educated me on the importance of strengthening to have support of my joints.

Evelyn Wychoff-9/18/2009

I have been suffering with lower back and pelvis pain that makes my right leg numb. I have been evaluated and treated by several specialists with no improvement. I had an MRI that showed a bulging disc in my back and an epidural injection did not improve my pain.

Since I have been under Chiropractic care I have no pain and have been able to perform my sport activities and return back to work. I still get adjusted  every week. I am focus on prevention and never to go back to the limiting pain that I had

Nayirobi Nunez-9/12/2009

I had an injury while working at the school with kids while lifting a bucket of ice. I found out that I have a bulging disc in my lower back. Chiropractic therapy has helped me returning back to work and to my normal life with minimal pain. I learn how to lift, push/pull and carry anything to protect my back for getting worse.

María, Diaz-5/24/2008

Yo he tenido varios accidentes de trabajo y siempre he ido donde la Dra. Dorit para que me pueda ayudar a solucionar mi y poder seguir trabajando. Las terapias me han mantenido con fuerza y siempre he podido volver a mi vida normal sin contratiempos. Le agradezco a la Doctora siempre estar presente para mí y toda mi familia.

Hector Hernandez-10/8/2006

Mr. Jose Badillo (2/3/2017)

All my visits with Dr. Dorit have been great and I am progressively getting better with my lower back pain. I no longer feel tired when I wake up in the morning and I can also sit and stand for extended period of time as required by my job, without back pain. Her experience shows as she talks and points out every little bit of the progress made. The exercises are simple, short and introduced slowly. I don’t feel as I am being thrown into a whole list of exercises.

I can definitively see myself coming back after my correction care program will end for wellness care.

Mr. Gary Bailey (2/3/2017):

On December 21, 2017 I had my first visit with Dr Dorit after I have a rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. She was very friendly and helped me with trigger point therapy and myofascial therapy besides the exercises that are part of my rehabilitation. Dr. Dorit understands what makes the body function. She can watch you work and tell you what are you moving your body to compensate for the pain, like my rib cage, elevation of the shoulder or contracting my neck. When she massages my neck it’s a wonderful feeling, like a huge weight was released from my neck down my body. Dr. Dorit addressed all my concerns. I am glad I came to “Zero Pain Clinic”, the name speaks for itself.

Thank you!!!!

 I forgot about the staff. They are on the point, carrying and kind; Thanks Brandon.

Mrs. Krashala, Roberson (2/3/2017):

Love, Love, Love Dr. Dorit. She is very informational, very educated and knows her stuff. If I have any physical problem in life she will always be my “go to” doctor. Dr Dorit as well as one of her assistants are sweet and well as mannered assistant Brandon; they are a great team.

Come check this guys out, you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Sr Daniel Nieto (2/3/2017):

Para mi venir a terapia physical (Zero Pain Clinics), ha sido una experiencia exeptional auque sinceramente tambien ha sido dolorosa por momentos, pero estoy mas que seguro que en ningun otro lugar me hubiesen atendido y tratado major como lo han hecho aca, con la Dra Dorit y Brandon. El trato ha sido amable, supe educados y muy professionales. Les agradesco sinceramente lo que han hecho por mi.

Yo recomiendo a personas que padecen de problemas similares o peores al mio para que vengan a tratarse a Zero Pain Clinic.

Gracias por todo!!!!

Tammy D Bean (February 3, 2017):

A very carrying and understanding doctor. She will listen to you and be sure you understand what is happening and why. She is willing to work with you and on your injury to ensure the best possible outcome for your condition.

I recommend to my friends, family and co-workers to Zero Pain Clinics!

Rebecca, Beals (2/13/2017):

I started at Zero Pain Clinic after 7 months of severe back pain. Dr Dorit took a very different approach than any Chiropractor I have seen before and she treated me by mixing joint, muscle and nutrition for alternative therapy. After three months, I was able to bend over again. A mayor break through was the evaluation and recommendation for the utilization of the Standard Process products. For me the beginning of my healing was starting with a detoxification program that I completed with her supervision. After completing the 21-days detox I felt great! My back wasn’t hurting I lost 10 lbs. and I have a “ton: of energy. I felt as light as a feather and was able to learn which food I am intolerant too and therefore decrease body inflammation and resolve my digestive problems.

Dr. Dorit holistic approach to health is to notch with her treatments!

Mr. John Conlon (2/21/2017):

Dr. Dorit is amazing! You can tell from day 1 that she is truly concern and cares about each person that walks through her door. Dr. Dorit has helped me so much in my lengthy recovery from back surgery! She is a very no nonsense Dr. Dorit that wants to make you better, so show up to work. OH Yeah! Dr. Dorit staff is the best!

This Place is Great!

Vanessa Forsythe (2/22/2017):

My time with Dr. Dorit has been wonderful experience. I am learning that I “can” do things that I had been holding myself back from doing.

Dr. Dorit is a none-nonsense king of doctor! She pushes you to find out what are you capable of and is right there with you to make sure you do it correctly and without pain.

I started therapy due to a rotator cuff surgery and my experience has been wonderful due to her. You will not be bored, there is an amazing environment to work with.
He staff is cordial, patient and will solve any administrative problem that I have had.

I look forwards to my days with Dr. Dorit. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me.

Mr. Eduard, Brandon (2/22/2017):

Before I had surgery, I could hardly walk, but since I had surgery on my left knee and I have started the physical therapy at Zero Pain Clinic I have improved immensely. Dr. Dorit has helped me beyond believe. I may not like some of the exercises, but they are for my benefit and I give it all to accomplished the total goals that she has set for me.

If you want to accomplish health and a good way of life, this is the place to be!

Work with her and she will work with you to make it happened.

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