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Yes I can treat the same points, called acu-points when needles are not being used to treat. I have the benefit of having several very expensive and very specific pieces of equipment for performing Acupuncture without needles. One was specially designed by the same fellow that invented the pager – remember the pager? Dr. Wang helped to create micro-current technology, which operates at an electrical frequency very close to that of the human body. This highly specialized piece of equipment (the Mens-o-matic) allows me to stimulate your acu-points with that specific electrical current WITHOUT ANY NEEDLES .

Sometimes it is best to use the sterile acupuncture needles! Many patients get the greatest benefit from a simple acupuncture treatment and don't need any fancy machines, the emphasis on the non needle acupuncture is mainly to make the benefits available to everyone, even those scared of the "tiny as a human hair", "absolutely sterile", " one time use" needles we use for acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture of the Ear  aka: Auricular Acupuncture or when done without needles called Auriculotherapy.

A complete system of acupuncture exists on the auricle (ear). Like traditional acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture offers a complete system of acupuncture points on the ear that actually effect things all over your body. For example I can treat three points in your ear that might help your low back pain, one is more for acute pain, one for when the pain is more chronic and another when it has been there for many years. I often treat the first two but usually don’t need to treat the third. A couple of other examples that have become quite popular are the treatment to lose weight; we offer that treatment and are quite skilled in performing them. This program is very successful with a directed weight loss program we have been implementing for years.

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